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What an unusual week! We have had days and days of rain. Great for the plants, although, even better for the weeds. My greenhouse is emptied and just about everything is in the ground which has left me somewhat worry free and idle. After weeks of go, go, go, I confess to feeling a little guilty with this down time. After all, there is only so much I am willing to do in the rain. And since none of my outstanding chores are critical, the list of things I am forced to do in the rain is quite small.

What has been accomplished this week is my first email to florists with my flower availability. I had a bit of trouble pulling the trigger on the initial email and my son and I had a discussion about what was making me hesitant. To be honest, I am not sure – fear of failure? Fear of success? Who knows? What I do know is that while I was procrastinating about the email, I asked my son about a siphon injector – it would be used for liquid fertilizers. Which led me to a website to review one. Which, of course, delayed me from sending the email to the florists. So I had to laugh when my son asked me yesterday when we were getting the siphon injector. “I didn’t order it yet.” I told him. To which he replied “So in addition to procrastinating about the email you were supposed to send out, you didn’t even get the siphon injector ordered?” Ouch.

This weekend, one of my indoor tasks is working on my seed order for the perennials I will try to start this summer. I am looking to fill 36 fifty foot rows and compiling my list is almost as daunting as the email to the florists. There are some amazing flowers out there and I have only made it to the C’s in my seed catalogue! After all, I have to make sure it is a perennial, a good cut, will grow in my zone, google the photo, and look up how to start the seeds. So many little pieces of the puzzle! Okay, before anyone takes me to task about using this blog to avoid my research, I’ll wrap this up and get back to that seed order. Have a great week everyone.

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