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Sheer Perfection?

This is a David Austin Rose. Isn’t this sheer perfection? Sure, the drawback is that this does not grow on a 2 foot long, sturdy stem, ready for my cut flower inventory, but it has a fragrance that is divine and is right outside my front door. While we are not quite to the time of year that the Japanese Beetles will devour them, the time is coming and I am ready with my diatomaceous earth. It's also what I am hoping will alleviate my cucumber beetle issue.

This week, I have finished my price list and created a brochure to hand out to the local wedding designers and florists in hopes of creating a client base. I have got to find a home for the thousands of flowers I have planted this year and short of sitting at the side of the road, this is my best hope.

I am truly amazed by my progress this year. While we got off to a slow start getting things into the ground, I know that I have planted more than ever and am “done” sooner than I have been. I have also learned a few things that I will try to do better / differently for next year. The biggest lesson is that I know I need to have my greenhouse empty by May 1st. I’ve been tracking our last frost date for 3 years now and I am going to try an experiment next year with some fast growing, easily replaceable seeds and see if I can get blooms sooner. I have a friend getting married this time next year I would like to have an array of flowers for her. Of course I am hoping all of the perennials I have planted this year will be full established as well.

With regard to annuals, this Cerinthe is one of the most pleasant surprises of the annuals I have planted this year. The color of the tips of the stem is just fantastic – like a Technicolor blue. The ends of the stem also have an amazing droop and the leaves feel almost like a succulent. It has a vase life of at least 4 days and I suspicion that if I kept better track in more controlled conditions, it would have closer to a week-long vase life.

The flowers in bloom are becoming more prolific and I will do my best to keep you abreast of all that is blooming. Until next time...

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