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Getting up to speed

Pike Place Market - one of the lamps I thought was interesting.

Well, I can see that among other things that have fallen behind, one is my blogging. This goes back to that issue I have with simply recounting my days rather than delving into one topic or another and just letting my fingers fly across the keyboard. In truth, the only reason I am able to sit down to this today is that I am supposed to be working on my business plan. Apparently, my blog is the lesser of two evils today. Which is a bummer since I actually like writing.

Since I’ve titled this getting up to speed – let's get started. I am 3 weeks from the “last frost” date and I have plants ready to go into the ground – but the ground is not ready to receive the plants. I live on clay soil that has had all of the top soil removed. That’s both good and bad. In order to give the seedlings I have fussed over the last few months a fighting chance at survival in my soil, it needs to be amended. And to do that, I have an ever-dwindling pile of compost that I keep adding to every planting in addition to adding it to all of the beds I create. And since I am pretty picky about the quality of the soil, I am broadforking the ground first and then using a tiller to finish the job. Next year, I won’t have half so many issues.

I also have landscaping and a yard to maintain. I actually tried to use a push mower as my main lawn mower. It literally looked like Edward Scissorhands tried to cut my yard. So that went back to the store and I have an electric push mower that should be here tomorrow. I can only imagine what my neighbors have thought as they drove by and saw me with that push mower, but I’ll guess it was close to “City Girl…”

The last bit of work that I have been doing is repeating some of the novice seed starting I did in the fall. Since I was hell bent on getting things into the ground in October, I rushed the process a bit and didn’t thin any of the seeds I planted. This meant that when I uncovered the rows, I had a mound of plants that needed to be separated and planted into trays so that I could re-work the ground and plant them in the dirt again. Yes, this is double the work, but I can tell you that I have about 400 plants that I was able to save which gives me a bit of a head-start on seeing real flowers soon!

My homeowrk of writing my vision statement is calling. For random posts that are much shorter, you can find me on Instagram - @colormemod. Happy Easter!

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