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Seeds, they are rolling in...

Well, we are making slow but steady progress. Last Friday, I placed my large order for seeds and plants and things are slowly arriving. My basement is outfitted with grow lights, heat mats, timers, a fan and seed trays. I am experimenting with seed starting and learning that I like open trays better for smaller seeds than trying to use cell packs. I have also discovered that fish emulsion stinks and stays stinky for a couple of days. I have two buckets of worms now and my bee boxes are unpacked and ready to be painted. I have seeds sprouting, trees coming, an active Instagram site and the confidence to know I am going to make this work. I have been reaching out to some local florists and have gotten great information and feedback. I am also taking Master Gardener classes and learning lots.

I have been meditating more and I have positive affirmations stuck on my bathroom mirror and I am holding very firmly to the intentions I set at the beginning of this journey, which leads me to a note about intentions.

As I mentioned in my first blog, earlier this year, I saw a piece of what I thought was siding, sticking up out of the ground. I tried to pull it out but had no luck. But I began digging an exploratory hole . Fast forward to this past week. Over the course of 2 days, I unearthed the full piece of siding… along with a half a dozen of its buddies, three lawn chairs, rusted tools, an old CB radio, a creepy doll, a sleeping bag, neoprene and lots and lots of asphalt shingles. I have hauled twelve garbage bags of junk out of that hole and I am still not done.

My point in telling you this is that when you set an intention, make it specific. After all, if you are going to harness the power of the Universe to create the vision you desire, give the Universe some very specific details.

Until next time.

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