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So here we go...

Welcome 2017! I have great plans for you and I am expecting a lot out of you. This year will be the year that I start living my most creative life yet. From bee keeping to raising worms, and growing everything from alliums to zinnias, I am going to try it all.

2016 did it’s very best to side track me. From the failed attempts at home ownership, to water issues with the new home, I have remained focused and undeterred. The transition to living my best life has started slowly but surely. Since moving in, I have made my own kombucha, hung my art all over the house, set up a seed starting area, established an office, incorporated, received a federal tax ID number and to top it off, I have plants in the ground that are actually growing.

Yes, you did throw me a bit of a curve ball when I discovered yesterday that some of my precious dirt is actually covering the detritus of a previous home. So far, I have uncovered asphalt shingles, a garden hose, vinyl siding, an artificial Christmas tree and even a lawn chair (see the photo above). But that’s okay. My goal was to improve whatever piece of land I finally acquired and if that means unearthing someone else’s garbage pile and properly disposing of it, so be it. I will be the earth’s champion in this regard and this will not get me down.

Normally I wouldn’t take such a strong stance on things after only knowing you for 2 days, but I’ve been buoyed by words in a book sent by a fabulous friend and life coach. You see, I am a badass and I am going to claim the life that I have longed for and glimpsed only in my day dreams. Sure, I’m going to take a tumble or two and fall on my keister, but I will observe, take note, learn a better way and try again. I will happily live within my means and pay cash for things, all the while knowing this is a choice, not a sacrifice. I am going to Cuba in the fall with one of my current friends and will continue to establish new friends. I am going to bake more, and second guess myself less. I’m gonna throw a party or two during your reign, take more photos, apologize less, walk more and accept all the grace and abundance the Universe showers on me.

These aren’t resolutions, they are promises to me. Not because I have to or because anyone is watching or because I need anyone’s approval but simply because it’s my turn.

Welcome to my awesome life, Color Me Mod Flower Farm and 2017!

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